Install Solar Panels in Schools

Solar energy at school is the installation to install relatively larger project as residential solar system. Before you begin, calculate power requirements of the school. Solar energy is not consistent source of power.

On sunny days, you can be able to meet 90 percent of the electricity demand of panels, while on cloudy days, you could draw only 50 percent of the power to manage. Determine the total power requirement of the school. See the first link in Resources to get idea of ​​how each appliance to determine energy requirements.

Install Solar Panels in Schools

Use second link in Resources to calculate energy required by school. formula of figuring out each appliance’s power need is amps x volts = watts. List total watts for all electronic devices and appliances, including lights, fans, air conditioners, computers, and more. Once you calculate total number of watts, you will have estimate of minimum amount of solar power you need to generate to power school.

Purchase solar panels that are to be installed on rooftop of school building. Since you are going to have to buy great number of panels to meet requirements of big building, you may want to consider prospects of availing federal grant. There are various federal incentives that can help manage cost of converting buildings to solar power systems.

See Resources to check out American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 2009 , which provides grants to reduce cost of solar power installation. Prepare yourself for some physical labor. Figure out where you want to install panels.

Go to rooftop of school building and mark area where panels would receive lot of sunlight during daytime. Use blueprints of school building to locate rafters that support roof. As you locate each rafter, mark it using chalk.

This will help you figure out where to install mounting brackets that come with panels. Take electric drill and pre-drill small holes in each rafter. Now place each mounting bracket on top of this pre-drilled hole and fasten it to rafter using stainless steel lag bolts. Make sure all mounting brackets are perfectly in line.

Place metal flashing or paste of hot tar around mounts area to prevent potential leakages due to drilling.

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How to Install Solar Panels in Schools

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