Install Solar Panels in Residential Spaces

With fuel costs are constantly rising and the growing concern about global warming, solar energy is becoming more attractive alternative to oil and coal. You’ve probably seen solar panels on large office buildings, but trend in residential areas and must be checked. Place few panels on the roof can significantly reduce the energy bill in the long run and upfront cost is very low now, because of federal and state funding.

If you are qualified with hammer and nails, you can cost of solar energy to reduce to install even more also by plates. Select an optimum location for your solar panel. The south part of the roof is typical choice – you want to put it in place, which receives the most sun at midday.

Install Solar Panels in Residential Spaces

Make sure your roof is sturdy enough to handle solar panels, and make sure that solar panels are legally allowed in your community. You need to get building permit from your local authority. Determine how much you will need to tilt your solar panel by looking up your latitude and adding 15 degrees if it is winter or subtracting 15 degrees if it is summer.

For even greater optimization, multiply your latitude by .9 and add 30 degrees in winter, subtract 2.5 degrees from your latitude in spring and fall, and subtract 52.5 degrees from your winter angle in summer. Find studs on your roof using stud finder or by examining blueprints of your house. best time to install solar panel is actually when your house is being re-roofed or first built, because studs are already exposed.

Drill holes into rafter studs where you will be placing mounts for panels. holes should be about four feet apart in two rows, length will depend on number of panels you are installing. Drill carefully with pilot bit so rafters do not split.

Line hole of mount up with hole you drilled in rafter and put steel bolt through it. Seal area with caulk or roof flashing to prevent leaks. FaskJack and Tile Trac mounts are widely used and easy to attach.

Bolt solar panel rails to mounts.

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How to Install Solar Panels in Residential Spaces

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