Install Solar Panels in House

A large number of people these days are aware of the impact of human energy consumption on the environment. For this reason, switching people on environmentally friendly energy sources that do not emit greenhouse gases. For your part in these efforts to reduce carbon footprint, you can solar panels in your home you are installing to create your own energy by using natural sources.

Therefore, it is often difficult to look at the project, but it’s really easy if you follow these steps carefully. Find the most suitable area in your home for solar panel installation. In most homes, the best place to install solar panels is the roof, as it receives the most sunlight and there are no obstacles such as trees or surrounding buildings shadow.

Install Solar Panels in House

Locate supporting rafters in area where you have to install panels with help of stud finder. Mounting solar panels to supporting rafters of roof secures them firmly. Pre-drill holes in supporting rafter using pilot bit.

This will protect roof rafters from splitting due to faulty drilling. Secure mounting device to supporting rafters using roofing nails. Mount solar panels on mounting device with help of lag bolts. While installing solar panels on mounts, leave some room approximately 2 to 4 inches so air can circulate and keep panels cool.

Place metal flashings on base of mounts to prevent any leakages in roof. Metal flashings are thin pieces of metal sheet that prevent water from entering house through small openings on roof.

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How to Install Solar Panels in House

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