Install Solar Energy

Installing solar panels in your home is big step towards reducing your carbon footprint and reduce their active power consumption. But because it is big change, and represents one that is new to many homeowners, the process can seem intimidating. It is also great investment, so you want to make sure you install the correct spelling of your solar modules. to make

plan and describe steps before you begin the installation. Determine where you want to install your solar panels. To receive the most from them, you need to maximize the sunlight, so that they receive direct sunlight throughout the year.

Install Solar Energy

If necessary, remove obstructions such as tree branches or other objects that may cast shadows over your solar panels. Find your roof rafters using stud finder. Make sure all your solar panel mounts are placed on rafter, not plywood underneath your shingles.

Mark where you will install each mount. Use chalk line to ensure mounts are in straight line. Pre-drill holes with pilot bit.

Bolt mounts to roof with stainless steel lag bolts. Place mounts so that solar panels will have at least 3 inches of airflow beneath them. This prevents unit from overheating. Install metal flashing over panel mounts to avoid leaks.

Bolt metal rails to mounts with steel bolts. Install solar panels over metal rails. Open junction box on each solar panel and connect boxes by attaching their wires together on appropriate terminal screws. wires will chain panels together.

Run wire on last panel to charge controller for solar panel unit.

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How to Install Solar Energy

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