Install Solar Energy Systems

Businesses and homeowners alike quickly switch from conventional energy sources to renewable energy sources – solar energy. Not only that solar energy will help you amazing savings in monthly utility bills to make, but you also contribute to efforts to our environment to keep clean. It is true, solar panels can be expensive acquisition in order to reduce cost, many people to install solar panels on their own.

Decide to install the most suitable location for solar system. Many people install solar panels on their roofs. The goal is to find the spot that receives maximum sunlight.

Install Solar Energy Systems

Make sure there aren’t any obstructions blocking sunlight from reaching solar panels. Use stud finder to locate roof rafters. Stud finder is magnetic object that allows you to spot metallic rafters beneath roof.

Securing panel mount to rafters keeps it intact even during unfavorable weather conditions. Pre-drill holes in roof rafters using electric drill. You must drill carefully as faulty drilling may cause rafters to split.

Use roofing nails or screws to secure solar mount to rafters. Attach solar panels to mount using steel bolts. Make sure there is sufficient distance minimum two to four inches between solar panels and surface of roof.

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How to Install Solar Energy Systems

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