Install Solar Energy System

to install solar energy system is good way to make money on energy demand and invest to save in a renewable energy source. For this reason, more and more people are installing solar panels in their homes. Solar panels are constructed with photovoltaic cells that store from sunlight renewable energy.

Buy solar systems from reliable and reputable dealer. Before the final purchase, make sure you check the prices and reviews from three to five different stores. Select place where you want to mount solar system.

Install Solar Energy System

Usually, rooftop of building is considered most suitable place for installing solar cells. Find spot on roof that receives direct sunlight throughout day. Purchase solar mounts that are compatible with your solar panels.

Go through instructions manual of panels to find which mounts are most suitable. Some of commonly used mounts include roof-ground mounts, flush mounts and pole mounts. Find roof supporting beams with help of stud finder. Place mounts on top of supporting beams.

Now pre-drill mounting holes using pilot drill bit. These holes will help avoid cracking and splitting of supporting beams. Drill mounts and use bolts to hold them firmly in place.

Prevent leakage in your roof by placing metal flashing over panel mounts. Leakages can possibly arise during drilling process, and it is best to take precautionary measures. Another option is to mop roof with paste of hot tar.

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How to Install Solar Energy System

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