Install Solar Energy in House

Record Through the use of solar energy, you can save your home power money and even earn money by selling excess power to utilities. little construction experience and some electrical training can install process to make a few simple steps. Begin to determine the ideal location for panels, areas where roof gets consistent and unblocked sunlight.

Depending on the weather and regional considerations, you can choose between purged mount and tilted solar panels. Drill holes through the roof and rafters, where plates will go. Holes should be along rafters.

Install Solar Energy in House

Put mounts in line of predrilled holes along where rafter is located. Looking like flexible T, stainless steel mounts come in variety of sizes and types. Drive stainless steel lag bolts to fix them securely onto rafters.

Place metal flashing around holes in roofing. flashing will protect your home from weather damage. Situate solar panels onto mounts. Usually, panels have easy connection points where panels meet mounts. Connect panels to power inverter by running wiring to them.

Inverters come in variety of types, but synchronous panel inverter is considered most cost-efficient. They are typically white, thin boxes and are considered heart of solar energy system because they charge battery that powers one’s home. minimum capacity of power inverter is 2,000 to 3,000 watts. inverter can be placed in shielded box or indoors.

wiring should be run below any roof shingles with as little exposure to weather as possible.

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How to Install Solar Energy in House

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