Install RV Solar Power

Going green is not something you do only at home. Adding solar power does not save energy, but also save you money on gas for your RV. Solar energy, which is also known as photovoltaic, is for blessing docking or simply recharge your batteries only.

After your initial investment, it is money-saving device. Before buying system, make sure that it is large enough to serve its purpose. Turn off the power.

Install RV Solar Power

Don’t run generator. Carefully get on roof of RV. Find location of solar panel considering easy access for wiring.

Face solar panel so width is facing forward. Drill holes where mounting screws will go. Seal holes before mounting panel screws with silicone-based sealant.

Feed wires down refrigerator vents. Return to inside RV and find good spot for regulator panel. Usually it is put above refrigerator. Cut opening for regulator.

Fish two sets of wires out through refrigerator vent. Connect wires to regulator panel. Make sure appropriate colors match and polarity is connected correctly.

Use most direct route to connect wiring for battery.

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How to Install RV Solar Power

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