Install Room Air Conditioners Upstairs

Installing air conditioners in their rooms upstairs can help keep you cool in summer evenings. With right tools, air conditioners can be installed in their rooms upstairs in less than hour. While you may be able to install air conditioner itself, having friend can help make it work faster and reduce likelihood that unit falling or straining your back.

window open upstairs. Clean any remaining window sill and clean with all-purpose cleaner. Use spirit level to ensure sill is level window.

Install Room Air Conditioners Upstairs

Install air conditioning mounting brackets onto windowsill or surrounding dry wall. Make sure structure you mount brackets to is able to support weight of air conditioning unit. If your windowsills are cracking or crumbling, you may have to use spare lumber to rebuild windowsill before mounting supportive brackets. Install any mounting rails and interior angle support devices included with your air conditioning unit. Ensure rails are firmly mounted to walls surrounding window. Insert air conditioning unit into mounting brackets of window frame.

If unit is too heavy, have another person assist you. Make sure unit does not fall out of upstairs window. Lower window onto air conditioning unit.

Use leveling objects provided by manufacturer to prevent vibration and shifting. Insert foam pieces between air conditioning unit and window to create seal.

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How to Install Room Air Conditioners Upstairs

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