Install Residential Solar Power

More and more people are switching to eco-friendly manner, such as solar power, to meet their domestic energy needs. Suppliers and manufacturers are producing do-it-yourself kits to make it more convenient for people to install solar power at home. With this kit, you can reduce the installation cost that you pay a professional. During your solar panels up

, you need to exercise great care, because you are working on your house roof. Find out how much energy you can put through the use of space available on the roof generate. You can find in your house see Resources this by conducting energy audit.

Install Residential Solar Power

audit should help you give rough idea of number of panels required by your household. Identify right location on your rooftop for mounting solar panels. Ideally, spot should receive maximum sunlight and should not have any obstructions blocking panels from storing sunlight.

Solar panels are usually mounted facing southwest for this purpose. Use stud finder to locate your house’s supporting rafters on rooftop. stud finder is small magnet enclosed in metal container.

magnet clicks against surface of container to indicate that it is directly in contact with iron nail. You will be installing solar panels on top of these rafters to secure them firmly. Measure dimensions of solar panels.

Now use these measurements to mark exact spot where you will install solar panels. Take mounts, which usually come with solar kits, and place them in marked location. You may use twine or chalk to align mounts properly.

Pre-drill small holes for mounts with electric drill. Use bolts 3 or 8 inch for attaching mounts to supporting rafters.

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How to Install Residential Solar Power

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