Install PV Solar Energy

Photovoltaic solar panels are made of solar cells, voltage regulator and batteries. When 120V AC is required, it will also include an inverter. Panels must be installed on south-facing, sloping ceilings or south exposure, angle, single storey structure.

steel or aluminum carriers are screwed delay rafter or structural beams and solar on carriers bolted plates. Cabling of solar modules to brackets attached cables released and are connected indoors where brought voltage regulator and batteries. Determine best location for solar panels. Ideally, they would be placed on the roof, which is directly aligned to the south and with slope equal to the width location.

Install PV Solar Energy

For northern United States, ideal slope is around 45 degrees, while in South, along latitude of New Orleans, ideal slope would be about 30 degrees. roof must also be able to support weight of panels, which will be about 3 pounds per square foot. If roof is designed to support snow loads, it will easily support this weight.

If there is any doubt regarding strength of roof, structural engineer should be consulted. Install solar panels. Use stud finder to find rafters of roof.and drill pilot holes to make sure rafters will not split.

Draw lines along pilot holes and measure from roof bottom or top to make sure lines are horizontal. Mount supports and fasten with lag bolts, bolted into rafters at pilot holes. Attach solar panels.

Attach wiring conduits to supports. Connect solar panels. High-power panels generating dangerous voltages should have insulated plugs, which allow connecting of panels in series and parallel as required, without exposing installer to live parts. conduits bring panel wiring inside, where final connections can be made. Connect panels, voltage controller and batteries.

wiring brought in through conduit run has positive and negative connection which must be wired to corresponding terminals of voltage controller. voltage controller protects batteries from overcharging and from over-voltages. Loads designed to operate on DC can be connected directly to batteries.

If AC is required, loads must be supplied via AC inverter.

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How to Install PV Solar Energy

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