Install Pre-Assembled Upper Bathroom Cabinets

One of the biggest problems in the bathrooms is lack of storage. Many homes are equipped with medicine cabinet, but often is not enough to store all personal items you are using. solution is to hang bathroom cabinet.

There are many types of pre-assemblies that can be buyd cabinet, but you can use the same process to hang. Use the stud finder to locate studs in the wall of your bathroom. stud finder is a device that measures the density of the wall and alerts you when density changes.

Install Pre-Assembled Upper Bathroom Cabinets

When alert goes off, stud is found. Mark stud locations on wall. Measure distance between two studs.

Houses can vary with some studs being 18 inches to 24 inches apart. Measure length of your cabinet. If length of cabinet is less than length between studs, you will have to use screw anchors since you will not be able to drill directly into both studs.

Decide how high on wall you want cabinet bottom to be. Measure that length on one of your studs and make mark on wall. Place piece of 1-by-3 on wall at mark you just made.

Use level to make board perfectly horizontal. Screw board to wall studs by driving in wood screws through 1-by-3 and into wall. Attach any needed hooks to cabinets in order for it to hang.

Measure distance between bottom of cabinet and hook area. Measure same distance from top of 1-by-3 up along wall studs or along one stud and where cabinet will hit wall on other side . Make two marks.

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How to Install Pre-Assembled Upper Bathroom Cabinets

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