Install Power Inverter and Solar Panel to Electrical Panel

Solar panel electrical systems generate direct current DC for storage in the battery and can also be used, some devices to run in your house, but if you take all you anticipate your electricity needs through solar energy or want excess alternative energy for sale to your utilities , you will have your system and the inverter then need to connect to your electrical panel. Connect your solar panel array to the storage battery. Solar panel array is your power source.

It is connected to charge controller to regulate first tranche of electricity, which is added to the battery. Charge controller is necessary to overload, to avoid a security risk, damage the battery. DC is performed on metal wire through charge controller to the battery.

Install Power Inverter and Solar Panel to Electrical Panel

Connect your battery to power inverter. DC electricity must be converted to alternating current AC electricity, accepted electrical current for most appliances and national utility grid. Wiring will go from battery to circuit breaker and shunt, and then transport DC electricity into inverter.

circuit breaker and shunt allow electric current to be broken to prevent overload and damage, another way to regulate flow of electricity in your system. Connect your power inverter to AC fuse box in your home. power inverter uses series of switches and transformers to convert DC to AC electricity necessary to provide power to your outlets and in turn appliances and electronics.

Connect AC generator to your inverter to provide additional power when solar energy is not enough. Solar energy can be unpredictable, and solar panels are only 15 percent efficient at converting sun’s energy into electrical currents. For these reasons, backup source of energy is necessary to meet your power needs. Connect your electric panel to special utility meter.

If by chance your solar panel array is large enough and or or your house has limited electrical requirements i.e., you home is energy-efficient , you may be able to sell excess electricity back to your utility company. Only AC electricity is acceptable. In order to sell electricity generated from your home, you need special electric meter that runs backward as well as forward.

Any electricity you use from grid will increase your kilowatt-hour usage, but any electricity you generate back to grid decreases your usage, and your bill is credited.

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How to Install Power Inverter and Solar Panel to Electrical Panel

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