Install New Bathroom Wall Tile

The bathrooms are functional and necessary in our homes rooms, but that does not mean they can not also be fashionable. Many homeowners turn to decorative wall tiles to create attractive look in their bathrooms. The tiles are generally low maintenance and, when installed properly, can prevent water damage or leakage common in areas of high humidity, such as bathrooms.

Screw flat, wooden board along the bottom wall of the first row of tiles, using the drill. This will ensure your bottom row of tiles is level all the way around. If you are installing tile straight down to the floor tiles, use low as guideline.

Install New Bathroom Wall Tile

Mix tile thinset or mortar per specific product instructions. Different types of mortar will require different mixtures of water or other additives, so follow directions carefully. Spread layer of mortar horizontally across line for your first row of tiles, extending 4 to 5 feet on one wall.

Use flat edge of mason’s trowel to ensure even layer of mortar. Work in small areas at time only, or thinset might dry too quickly and become unworkable. Firmly press each of tiles for your first row into place.

If necessary, install plastic spacers between tiles to maintain even joints. Gently tap each tile into place with rubber mallet to ensure full adhesion. Spread mortar and install next row of tiles. Tap them into place, and use level so they are sitting evenly across row with each other.

Continue to mortar, install, tap and level each row across each row.

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How to Install New Bathroom Wall Tile

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