Install New Bathroom Faucet

bathroom faucets are known to carry out over time. Calcium deposits were dry when water can interfere with water flow. Leakage can also be a persistent problem when lines valve crack with age.

Although professional can be hired to replace bathroom faucet, you can take care of himself work. Use plumber’s putty to seal the base. Plumber’s putty form on the rope around 1 or 4 in diameter.

Install New Bathroom Faucet

Place putty around base of faucet. Use your thumb to press putty against faucet’s base, set base into sink. Install basin nut over threaded portion, which protrudes from faucet base.

Because faucet base has been installed in Step 1, threaded portion of base must now be accessed from under sink. Do not tighten basin nut yet. Thread tee onto same threaded portion that basin nut was installed on.

tee is flared metal piece that water pipes will attach to. Center base of faucet from above sink. Once base is centered, tighten basin nut installed in Step 2 with basin wrench.

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How to Install New Bathroom Faucet

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