Install Engineered Flooring in Bathroom

hardwood floor is not always the best choice for the bathroom floor as it can soften or swell with moisture. However, engineered flooring is often acceptable cover for bathrooms, as long as you buy well sealed. engineered flooring is wood veneer on the basis of composite material, so it is more stable and less prone to expand and move through time as solid hardwood.

They sit together loosely in the bathroom for two weeks before installing them, so they can acclimate to the environment. Remove the toilet, closing the water supply line behind him, disconnect the pipe, removing two screws fixing the base of the toilet, vanity and lifting straight. cloth things in an open bath floor drain to prevent sewer gases to rise to the room.

Install Engineered Flooring in Bathroom

Lay moisture barrier underlayment over whole floor in courses, stapling it down and cutting it around toilet drain and edges of floor as needed, using razor knife. Set first floorboard alongside wall where you want to start usually longest unobstructed wall in room , with grooved side of board facing wall and 3 or 8 inch space between board and wall. This will allow for floor expansion.

Nail board down by shooting nails through surface, one per foot along both edges of board. Link boards for rest of first row end to end by their tongue and groove ends, spacing them all 3 or 8 inches from wall and nailing them down from top. Cut last board in row on miter saw, as needed.

Set subsequent rows of flooring, one by one, linking them at sides. Get boards tight by setting cut scrap of flooring against board and tapping it with hammer. After first row, nail boards through sides rather than top, shooting nails at downward angle just above tongue to hide nail heads between boards.

Arrange boards so ends don’t line up between courses. Use your jigsaw to cut boards around toilet drain, tub and other obstructions. Cover whole floor.

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How to Install Engineered Flooring in Bathroom

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