Install Dometic Air Conditioner in RV

The do-it-yourselfer average can easily be installed in air conditioning for recreational vehicles. You may need assistant to help you get to roof of RV, but overall installation is solo project. Dometic air conditioners is popular brand with RVers because they are known for their durability and quality.

These air conditioners can be purchased at any store site. Climb to roof of RV using stairs. Determine location free of any obstacles such as lights or rest of interior wiring to place air conditioner Dometic.

Install Dometic Air Conditioner in RV

Mark square on roof large enough to fit both portions of unit together. Double-check measurements of air conditioner to make sure it will fit in hole before sawing. Also check that it will be mounted at least 8 inches away from edge of RV.

Mark location of mounting bolts. Drill holes in corners of square. Saw hole in roof and place roof unit in place.

Secure unit with mounting bolts. Enter RV and screw in mounting bolts that hold ceiling unit in place. Mount ceiling unit and secure it to ceiling portion of unit.

Use caulk gun and apply sealant between unit and roof. Attach wires to unit and connect wires between ceiling and roof units and wiring to generator. Follow owner’s manual for wire connection as it varies from model to model.

Be sure to plug ceiling and roof units together.

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How to Install Dometic Air Conditioner in RV

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