Install Carpet in Bathroom Around Pedestal Sink

The carpet installation is relatively simple. tack strips are nailed to the subfloor near the walls, subfloor stretched from wall to wall, and the carpet is fixed above all. tack strips have carpet in place with small nails protruding upward.

The installation of the carpet in the room with existing fixtures can be difficult. If you do, in the bathroom pedestal sink housing it is not as difficult as work work around cabinets. pedestal sink is removed and install the carpet directly below the fixture.

Install Carpet in Bathroom Around Pedestal Sink

Disconnect water lines using adjustable wrench to unscrew connection. Disconnect drain pipe from sink using pipe wrench to unscrew retaining nut attaching trap to drain pipe. Unscrew any retaining nuts connecting sink to pedestal using screwdriver or adjustable wrench as necessary.

Lift sink straight up off pedestal. Lift pedestal off floor. Set both to side.

Hire professionals to install carpet or install carpet by yourself. Cut carpet when installing it near location for sink to open up any holes necessary for pipes coming up through floor. Cut carpet with utility knife from wall to pipe and press carpet down around pipe.

Installing tack strip directly behind location of pipes provides added stability to carpet. Place pedestal back in position over carpet. Reattach sink to pedestal and reconnect each drain pipe and water pipe that was disconnected originally.

Tighten all connections properly.

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How to Install Carpet in Bathroom Around Pedestal Sink

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