Install Bathroom Wall Cabinet

bathroom cabinets mounted on the wall add extra space in your bathroom for toiletries and other items. Clear bathroom counter by storing toothpaste, topical ointments and hair products inside the cabinet. Most bathrooms have wall cabinets with mirror door for added functionality, but if you have mirror cabinets can be found without them.

Buying bathroom wall furniture store home improvement and the installation yourself is an easy task with the help and some tools. Use the stud finder to locate wall studs near where the cabinet will happen. Draw line down the wall with a pencil indicating where each stud.

Install Bathroom Wall Cabinet

Draw line past where you intend to install cabinet so you can see it during installation. For increased stability, install your bathroom wall cabinet into two studs. Draw outline of where you want your cabinet installed.

Refer to cabinet dimensions and draw rectangle exact size of back of cabinet. Use measuring tape and level to ensure straight, level lines of correct length. Screw 1-by-3-inch support rail along bottom edge of cabinet to increase stability.

top edge of support rail should be installed along bottom line you drew for cabinet. Choose support rail that is as long as wall-mounted cabinet is wide. Use four 2-inch screws to secure it into place.

For best results, install some or all of screws into studs. Lift wall-cabinet and place it against wall on top of support rail, holding it in place. You’ll need help of at least one other person so one of you can hold it in place while other screws it to wall.

Install 2-inch screw into one side of rear wall of cabinet near top of unit. Ensure that screw is going through stud you found previously. Put another 2-inch screw through back wall of cabinet on other side, hitting another stud.

Erase any visible pencil lines. Wipe out inside of cabinet there will be wood shavings from screws and place shelves inside. Now it’s ready to be filled up.

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How to Install Bathroom Wall Cabinet

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