Install Bathroom Sink Vent

bathroom sinks, like all devices that produce wastewater, need vents attached to your sewer lines. vent pipe is connected through coupling to the sewer pipe and extends inside the cavity wall all the way to and through the roof. roof shield applied over the tube then holds the tubing in place, and stops leakage of water around the vent pipe.

Vent tube may be made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ABS black plastic or black PVC. sewer pipe surface depression in the place that need ventilation pipe attached, using pen. Cut through the pipe at the mark, using a hacksaw.

Install Bathroom Sink Vent

Remove any burrs, using tradesman’s knife. Wipe each side of cut with rag. Apply ABS glue to each side of sewer line cut.

Glue inside of ABS connecting coupling. Squeeze coupling between cuts, and move coupling’s spout so it faces up. Hold coupling in place for 30 seconds, while glue dries.

Glue inside of coupling’s spout. Also glue one end of new piece of vent pipe. Push vent pipe into spout and hold for 30 seconds.

Mark all top and bottom plates horizontal studs where vent pipe has to travel through, to reach roof. Also mark inside of roof where pipe will exit through. Drill 2-inch-diameter holes in plates at marks, and also drill 2-inch hole at mark in roof.

Glue and connect new vent pipe and couplings as needed, so that it runs up through inside wall cavity and through drilled holes in plates. vent pipe will also exit through hole in roof.

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How to Install Bathroom Sink Vent

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