Install Bathroom Sink Plumbing

Plumbing new sink does not have to be difficult if you install pipes one step at a time. Most of the time when installing pipes the bathroom sink, you will use PVC pipe for drain pipes and copper tubing for water supply. You can use Chrome for drainpipe in case of plumbing sample.

In that case, you should follow the same way, except that you tighten with a pipe wrench Teflon tape and put on accessories before doing so. Be sure to turn off the water supply. Slide the compression nut onto the water supply pipes.

Install Bathroom Sink Plumbing

Slide on beveled ring or ferrule. Insert pipe into end of shut off, lift nut to threaded area and tighten it. Use adjustable wrench and tighten firmly.

Attach shut off on other side. Make sure handle on shut off is on off position and turn water back on to check for leaks. If there are no leaks, leave water on using shut offs under sink.

Check type of waste pipe you have coming out of wall. If it has threaded metal fitting in wall, then use PVC adapter. Put male fitting on pipe if it doesn’t.

Use primer first and then PVC cement. Roll snake of plumbers putty and put it around drain opening in sink. Insert drain in hole in sink and put rubber washer onto drain stem, then metal washer and finally put nut on and tighten it.

If you have pop-up drain, install tailpiece for pop-up. Put threaded stems for faucet into openings in sink. Put nut that came with faucet onto threaded stem and tighten it down to sink.

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How to Install Bathroom Sink Plumbing

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