Install Bathroom Exhaust Fan Through Roof

The best method for venting exhaust fan in the bathroom is through the roof. This is because the heat and vapors rise. fan helps to odors and other vapors move in the same direction up and out of the bath.

The units are available in different sizes, so choose one suitable for the size of the bathroom in which it is installed. Inspect attic area before buying the necessary to ensure proper fit and to maximize the benefits of exhaust air material. Exhaust fans also prevent damage to wood and paint caused by moisture created by hot shower.

Install Bathroom Exhaust Fan Through Roof

Locate area of bathroom ceiling for exhaust fan and mark it. Next, locate ceiling joists and determine their relation to desired location for fan. Turn off breaker to existing fan in electrical panel, if applicable.

If not, turn main breaker off. Trace pattern of exhaust fan onto ceiling and cut it out with keyhole saw. Place fan in hole to be certain of good fit.

Climb into attic and secure 2-by-4 between ceiling joists over hole for fan with drywall screws. Climb down out of attic and secure fan to 2-by-4 with drywall screws. Climb into attic and feed one end of electrical wiring through access hole in fan.

Run wire over to wall where house electrical panel is located and feed other end of wire into panel.

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How to Install Bathroom Exhaust Fan Through Roof

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