Install Bathroom Ceiling Tile

ceramic tile roof offers beauty and functionality in the bathroom. Apart from improving the appearance of the room, ceramic tile is very easy to care for and not easily spotted. Steam and shower water can damage painted regular ceilings, ceramic tile but actually acts as protector.

Ceramic tile is quite easy to install, the time it takes the time to ensure good application. Prepare by installing roof panels green cement or plaster, score it with utility knife to fit pieces to fit area to be coated, and attach to the existing ceiling by galvanized screws Set 6 inches apart. Finish the seams with fiberglass tape.

Install Bathroom Ceiling Tile

Plan your tile pattern by finding center of area to be tiled and use level to figure intersecting vertical and horizontal lines. Mark this spot with pencil. Dry fit first row by starting at center mark and working outward, because both end tiles need to be close to same size.

vertical center mark may have to be adjusted to accomplish this. Begin installation of tile by applying coat of tile adhesive to 3 inch by 3 inch area, on one side of center mark, being careful not to cover lines. smooth side of trowel should be used to spread adhesive, then create ridges with notched side.

Press each tile firmly in place with bit of twist to be sure it adheres well. Use tile spacers on each corner of each tile for uniform grout lines. If end tiles need to be cut, score line to be cut with tile cutter and snap along line, smoothing edges with sandpaper to reduce chances of being cut.

Use nippers to remove small pieces, allowing tiles to fit around arches or curves, and let tile set overnight. Use sanded grout for spaces between tiles that are larger than 1 or 8 inch. After mixing grout, apply it with float to grout lines, using 45-degree angle and making sure that grout reaches bottom of seams.

Wipe excess off using sponge dipped in clean water.

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How to Install Bathroom Ceiling Tile

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