Install Bathroom Bath Faucets

You can install bathroom bath faucet to upgrade your bathroom area and provide better water flow and temperature. new faucets tend to be more functional and require only a few steps that any owner can master. If you have any experience with appliances or plumbing, this task will only take about an hour.

Allow extra time if you have no experience with this type of project. Turn off the water by closing two valves of water pipes in the shower wall, with access by the access panel usually located behind the wall. Alternatively, the main water line near his home.

Install Bathroom Bath Faucets

Insert faucet cartridge into head of faucet. Push retaining clip into faucet head once you’ve fully inserted cartridge. Alternately, attach and thread retainer nut onto end of faucet head by turning it clockwise.

Slide stop tube kit over faucet cartridge. Alternately, install cover or dome cap by threading it over retainer nut and tightening it by hand. Attach adapter to end of cartridge by tightening adapter screw.

Not all faucets have stop tube kit or adapter, so consult your manual for detailed parts diagrams. Place escutcheon, also called trim plate, over faucet head and insert two screws into screw holes. Tighten screws with screwdriver to install.

Push handle onto cartridge and insert and thread mounting screw through handle mounting hole. Tighten screw with Allen wrench.

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How to Install Bathroom Bath Faucets

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