Install Baseboard Trim in Bathroom

baseboard moldings are wonderful accents embellishing bath and add a unique touch to the room. adjustment motherboard also is not too difficult to install and you can put yourself. bathroom is the ideal place to start, because the room is small enough that no great amount of adjustment to start.

And if you do not like the way the room is, it is little space to redo. Measuring the amount of retouching that will have to buy. It is necessary and sufficient for walls, angles, and further adjustment for cutting mistakes you can make.

Install Baseboard Trim in Bathroom

You also need to decide how high up wall you want trim to reach. Purchase trim. Buy trim pre-cut to measurements that you need.

This is easier than using compound miter saw to make angled cuts yourself. Set up first trim piece into its designated area along baseboard in bathroom. It is best to start with longest wall.

Position baseboard trim on wall. Attach it with nails. Hammer in finishing nail every 16 inches.

Make sure nails attach trim to wall completely. Install baseboard trim section adjacent to first trim that you installed. Continue process until bathroom has been completely lined.

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How to Install Baseboard Trim in Bathroom

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