Install 16-by-16 Bathroom Wall Tiles

Using tiles 16 by 16 inches on any surface tends to make mosaic work go faster, because they cover more surface with each tile. Chances are you will find toilets, faucets, light switches and towel racks when the tiled bathroom wall, so being prepared is an important element of the installation. Question adhesive manufacturer or retailer recommended for use with tile you are buying — get this right will ensure your tiled walls last long. Inspect

substrate bathrooms walls. Tiles generally can be placed directly on drywall, plywood and concrete, provided they are flat and level — if in doubt, cut the reinforcement plates for ceramic tile size, using utility knife, and secure the walls with hammer and nails every 6 inches on center. Measure the wall to find the center and vertical chalk line lace up the wall at this time.

Install 16-by-16 Bathroom Wall Tiles

Snap chalk line every 16 inches out from center line to give approximate spacing of your tiles. Dry-fit bottom layer of each wall, spacing with tile spacers small 1 or 16-inch spacers are best . Place tile spacer between first tiles and floor as well.

Mark tiles needing to be straight-cut at wall corners or around such things as vanity bases and bathtubs. Mix your adhesive according to manufacturer’s instructions. Apply enough for two tiles starting from center line like you did with dry fit.

Smooth on 1 or 8-inch thickness with straight edge of trowel, then furrow surface with notched edge. Set your first two tiles in place, spacing with tile spacers as you did for dry fit. Repeat along bottom of all walls, then continue working your way upward, marking tiles needing to be cut as you go.

Mark tiles that cover areas that will need drilling, such as over shower heads or faucets. If adhesive develops skin on top, scrape whole lot off and reapply new adhesive.

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How to Install 16-by-16 Bathroom Wall Tiles

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