Increase Your HDL Cholesteral Reading

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Increase Your HDL Cholesteral Reading

One study that supports this fact was done by Japanese doctors and was published in Archives of Internal Medicine, 2007 167 10 999-1008. If you smoke, quit. Smoking actually lowers your levels of HDL and raises your LDL bad cholesterol. If you need help to quit, there are many resources and support groups available.

Contact your health care provider for list of options in your area. If you are overweight, lose some. Even losing three to 10 pounds will raise your HDL levels.

On other hand, if your weight grows to unhealthy level, while scales are going up, your HDL is going down. Have glass of orange juice. study was done in Canada at University of Western Ontario, where students drank glass of orange juice every day for 28 days.

At end of study, HDL levels had risen 21j percent. Orange juice is loaded with flavonoids, antioxidant substance found in bright colored fruits and vegetables. Be sure you use 100 percent orange juice, and not fruit juice blend with lot of extra sugar added.

Fiber rich foods also raise HDL levels. Consuming at least 30 milligrams day of fiber not only raises your HDL, but also lowers total cholesterol levels and LDL at same time. Foods loaded with fiber are apples, celery, grapes, citrus fruits and vegetables.

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How to Increase Your HDL Cholesteral Reading

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