Increase Solar Energy

The increase in the pollution of the planet and growing prices of gas, oil and coal make it imperative to make renewable energy sources. Although solar energy has its advantages not yet driven the point of being the main source of energy for all needs, its use is slowly but surely becoming widespread, and encourage enthusiasts strong. Use passive solar building techniques to houses and other buildings in recent years, the architects started, so that it as much as possible can use solar energy. Build your house on solar path. consider

weather conditions of your region if you build your house. As a rule of thumb most of the windows in the south, some to the east and west, and hardly in the north. Use material that absorbs heat.

Increase Solar Energy

Concrete, concrete block, tile and brick are good choices as their large capacity to absorb heat will keep home from overheating when it’s warm and slowly release absorbed heat when it gets colder. Glaze your windows. lot of heat escapes from houses because of old and inefficient windows.

Double glazing them will keep heat from solar collectors in house longer. This is good way to make most of your solar collectors if you are not building new house. Build your house with big and connected rooms.

This type of construction is called open build. It facilitates circulation of warm air, keeping all rooms in house warm.

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How to Increase Solar Energy

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