Improve Water Pressure in Bathroom Sink

If I bathroom sink faucet is not supplying enough water pressure, but the shower and rest of faucets are working properly adjusting the pressure regulator to increase the water pressure in homes will not solve a problem. There are only three possible causes of low pressure in the isolated tap 1 stopcock under the vanity is a wrong type of adjustment, which is partially closed or is defective, 2 aerator faucet is partially blocked, or water supply 3 pipe particularly the key is blocked. Locate shutoff valves water supply to the faucet bathroom sink.

Both are usually located against the wall under the sink or inside the vanity cabinet. Turn handle in the feedwater valve to tap your problem counterclockwise until it is open. Pressure test water at the tap, if this does not solve a problem, go to the next step.

Improve Water Pressure in Bathroom Sink

Wrap rag around aerator fitted to faucet outlet to protect its finish. Grip aerator through rag with pair of channel-lock pliers and twist counterclockwise to unscrew it. Test pressure by turning faucet on after removing aerator, if there is plenty of pressure, clean aerator.

Soak all aerator parts in white vinegar for 30 minutes to dissolve hard water deposits. Scrub components with stiff-bristle nail brush and rinse well. Reassemble unit, screw it back onto spout and test faucet, if pressure is still low, carry out next four steps. Turn handle on main household water shut-off valve to off position.

This valve is usually located on downstream side near water meter on main pipe supplying water to your home. Open bathroom faucet to relieve remaining water pressure in plumbing. Undo flexible hose connected to sink shut-off valve, using adjustable wrench.

Unscrew compression fitting connecting shutoff to feed pipe with adjustable wrench and remove valve.

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How to Improve Water Pressure in Bathroom Sink

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