Improve Spleen Function

The spleen controlled amount of blood in the body and is part of the lymphatic system. This is the system in charge of fluids in the body and balances the fight against infection. Spleen destroys old or damaged cells and contains white blood cells.

It is located above the belly on the left side under chest. It is about a size of a fist and – if they are not swollen due to illness – it can not be felt as a rule. Take herbs like goldenseal, Oregon grape root and barberry to improve blood flow through the spleen.

Improve Spleen Function

Berberine is reported to enhance immunity and astragalus and ligustrum to improve spleen function. Take spleen support supplement such as one recommended below in References section but be sure to check with doctor before taking any supplements or herbs and it may be wise to speak to herbal practitioner to choose best herbs for you. Eat raw foods to give your spleen break.

Raw foods assist digestion which means spleen does does not have to work as hard and is able to function without exertion. Get massage. Stroking up and down arms will assist in cleansing lymphatic system and improving lymphatic drainage and spleen function.

Use five drops of pure lemon essential oil mixed in 1 tablespoon of base oil such as almond, jojoba, grape seed or olive oil. Exercise daily to improve muscle function that assists lymphatic drainage and blood flow through spleen. Yoga is particularly good for lymphatic drainage, cleansing and improving spleen function.

Drink eight to 12 cups of water day and include squeeze of lemon juice or slice of lemon in water whenever possible. This will help you cleanse all organs including spleen.

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How to Improve Spleen Function

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