Improve Solar Powered Car

Solar powered cars are attractive to environmentally conscious consumers and manufacturers. But even if solar powered cars provide an opportunity vehicle by virtually unlimited energy source and cost nothing to ride driven to refuel, concept has to go long way. Current models are little more. Prototypes, with prohibitive costs, low speeds and many stumbling blocks in their design

Innovative Scientists and engineers need to continue to improve ways to brainstorm solar powered car before it is ready for the public. Increase kilometers. Previous models of solar powered cars have not been able to go as fast or as far as normal cars before having to recharge.

Improve Solar Powered Car

2007 model designed by Taiwan scientists could only achieve top speed of 43 miles per hour. Increase engine power through advancements in technology and efficiency of solar panels, with three-hour battery life. Under these conditions, solar-powered cars could only be used for short commutes in low-speed areas.

Highways and cross-country cruising would be out of question. key to improving battery life and engine power lies in advancements in solar technology. Refine photovoltaic panels.

photovoltaic solar panels currently in use to power these car models are highly inefficient. 2008 model from China has panels that take 95 percent of solar energy they receive and convert it into electricity at efficiency rate between 14 percent and 17 percent. car needs 30-hour charge to travel 150 kilometers, or about 93 miles.

Increase battery range. better range of solar battery cells, more efficient and longer-lasting charge will be. To increase battery range, car needs to be designed with eye for aerodynamics.

In 2009, Massachusetts Institute of Technology students designed more aerodynamic solar car with sleek shape that resembles flying saucer. This design increased battery range enough for car to travel from Boston to New York, even without direct sunlight. Explore hybrid alternatives.

This might be effective stopgap as engineers and researchers continue to investigate and refine efficient ways of harvesting solar power. Instead of making fully solar-powered car, option is to make car that is solar and electric, or solar and another form of renewable energy. This will help achieve faster car capable of traveling longer distances, and car that isn’t so reliant on sunny day to maintain momentum.

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