Identify Solar Power Obstructions

Once you have decided to use solar energy, your next task path of the sun evaluation to best location for your solar panel will find PV field. important part of this review all obstacles be identified that may affect the optimal performance of the panels. Submitting your site PV array for best solar access, you can maximize the efficiency of your solar power system and enjoy best use your free energy from the sun.

With the compass, select south-facing orientation for your PV system, assuming that you are in the northern hemisphere. Watch your property all day to get a good idea of ​​the sun the way, considering that there are variations throughout the year. On graph paper drawing diagram of your house and provisional location for your solar panel array.

Identify Solar Power Obstructions

Each hour, plot position of sunlight in relation to your PV array, make note of any shadows or shade occurring each hour that may prevent sunlight from reaching your panels. If your observations note any obstructions to sunlight, try modifying your proposed location and repeat this process until you are satisfied with constancy of sunlight on your panel location. To further identify possible obstructions, obtain sun chart customized to your specific location that shows path of sun throughout year–ask your solar dealer how to get one for free.

Purchase or borrow Solar Pathfinder device, non-electric, reflective tool that you use on-site. By using your sun chart with pathfinder tool, you can see all obstacles that block direct sunlight to your panels at any time of year, trace these obstacles onto your sun chart according to Solar Pathfinder directions. If you are still faced with obstacles to sunlight in your proposed panel location, consider removing obstacles if possible.

You may be able to eliminate trees, rocky outcroppings and even outbuildings to optimize your solar energy collection. Order professional evaluation if your obstacles are insurmountable. Many solar installation companies offer this service, complete with experienced recommendations for avoiding obstructions and planning for future growth of trees that may someday present problems.

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How to Identify Solar Power Obstructions

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