Identify Air Conditioning Unit’s BTU Rating

Each air conditioning unit at home has its own size or cooling capacity. This is sometimes referred to as load capacity, but actually based on BTU rating. BTU, or British thermal units, are measuring amount of heat energy air conditioning is able to remove from your home.

When thermal energy is removed from your home, your house is cooled. Air conditioners are sized to remove all heat energy that your home will absorb on hottest day of year, so higher BTU rating, more cooling capacity of air conditioner has. Read any packaging or material user manual that comes with air conditioning in facility.

Identify Air Conditioning Unit’s BTU Rating

Window air conditioners especially will often come marked with BTU’s on box. If you cannot find packaging or user manuals, look for model number of air conditioner. Look on rating plate of air conditioner.

This is usually metal tag attached to side of air conditioner.You may have to brush dirt and dust away with damp cloth. Read model number for air conditioner, and especially pay attention to first four to six digits. You are looking for certain number combination that corresponds to BTU’s.

Air conditioners are sold by tons and half tons, which is grouping of BTU capacity. One ton equals 12,000 BTU’s, which will be shortened to first two digits. So numbers you are looking for are 12 for one ton, 18 for one and half, 24 for two tons, and so on up to 60 for five tons.

Pay attention to these nine numbers located anywhere in model number 12,18,24,30,36,42, 28,54, and 60. Multiply by 1000 to get BTU rating for that air conditioner. Most air conditioning companies include this BTU two digit code somewhere in model number, usually fourth and fifth digits. Trane air conditioners use seventh and eighth digits. For example, in model number 4TTX4036A1000A of Trane air conditioner, seventh and eighth digits correspond to 36 or 36000 BTU air conditioner. Find out what company makes you air conditioner by looking at same rating plate on side of air conditioner.

If you are unable to determine BTU’s via model number, look online at that company’s website.

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How to Identify Air Conditioning Unit’s BTU Rating

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