Hook Up Wind Turbine and Solar Panels to Battery

With increasing concern about the urgent environmental problems such as global warming, many people have to local initiatives aimed their impact on the environment to reduce. Home energy consumption, most of the local environmental impacts, has become a focus of environmental groups. Although feasibility of domestic renewable energy systems widely varied depending on the local conditions and domestic architecture, many houses green energy systems operate, such as wind and solar energy, all or compensate for a portion of their home energy consumption.

Best of all are relatively easy to install these systems, with the connection of wind turbines and solar panels to battery pack requires only a few simple steps. produce cutting lengths of electrical wire each of your connections. You will need a total of eight lengths, two for each connection between the components panel, ammeter, charge controllers, and backup battery.

Hook Up Wind Turbine and Solar Panels to Battery

Cut lengths to appropriate distance between each of components in your home layout, leaving bit of extra slack in case you have to make changes. Strip ends of each length of cable with pair of wire strippers, exposing interior copper wire in order to make electrical connections. Connect one length of cable to positive output from your solar panel by wrapping exposed copper wire around output.

Connect opposite end of cable to positive input in your ammeter, device used to measure electrical current that will be useful for system maintenance. Insulate both connections with electrical tape. Connect second length of cable to negative output from your solar panel, with opposite end connected to negative input in ammeter.

Insulate connections with electrical tape. Connect ammeter to charge controller by repeating process, running cables between appropriate inputs and outputs in two devices and insulating connection.

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How to Hook Up Wind Turbine and Solar Panels to Battery

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