Hook Up Solar Panels to Two 12 Volt Batteries

Properly configured solar cells to generate enough power to be able to perform virtually any electrical device. These panels are connected to the bank of two or more 12-volt deep cycle batteries. Solar systems are most often wired in parallel configuration to maintain voltage of the system while increasing performance of batteries.

Add voltage ratings together all solar panels to determine whether you need to connect in parallel configuration panels in series or. With series connection, said terminals are connected negatively positive voltage is added while current remains the same. For example, two 12-volt 3-amp solar panels would be connected in series 24 Volt, create 3-amp system.

Hook Up Solar Panels to Two 12 Volt Batteries

Conversely, with parallel wiring, where terminals are connected positive to positive and negative to negative, voltage remains constant, but amperage is added. For example, two 12-volt, 3-amp panels wired in series would create 12-volt, 6-amp system. Connect leads of solar panels together, in series or parallel configuration, so total voltage of connected panels does not exceed 12 volts. Some solar panels have leads equipped with clips that plug directly into each other, whereas leads of other panels need to be hardwired.

If you are using latter, crimp metal terminal connectors to ends of solar panel leads using electrical pliers. Connect terminals together with bolts and tighten nuts with wrench. Cut two lengths of 10-gauge wire using electrical pliers, they should be cut long enough to reach between two 12-volt batteries.

Strip 1 inch of insulation from each end of both 10-gauge wires using strippers on electrical pliers. Attach battery clamp to stripped ends of each wire with wrench. Connect two 12-volt batteries together in parallel configuration.

Attach battery clamps from one of 10-gauge wires to positive terminal posts of both batteries. Connect clamps from second 10-gauge wire to negative terminal posts of both batteries. Tighten clamps with wrench.

Connecting positive and negative terminals together will maintain 12-volt rating of batteries but will add amperage capacity of two batteries together, doubling their life. For example, two 12-volt, 650-amp batteries will perform as one 12-volt, 1300-amp battery. Attach metal terminal connectors to wires at both ends of in-line fuse holders with pliers.

Connect one of in-line fuses to positive battery clamp and second fuse to negative battery clamp. Tighten connections with wrench.

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How to Hook Up Solar Panels to Two 12 Volt Batteries

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