Hook Up Solar Panels to Power System

A solar panel is interconnected assembly of photovoltaic cells packaged, the free generated electricity from solar with zero emissions. Environmentally friendly and cost-effective, stand-alone power supply system supplies all the power RV, boat, apartment or home requires. Main components of such a system are, at least one solar panel, charge controller, inverter and batteries.

Ideally, battery bank designed enough juice have power supply for three to five days to walk with little solar radiation. Rig up your monocrystalline solar panels in place where they can get a free access to sunlight, preferably on the roof of your house. Then, connect them to the input terminals of the charge controller.

Hook Up Solar Panels to Power System

For small to medium system, it is best to use four to eight, 80 watt panels. Connect solar panels to charge controller. This component prevents overcharging of batteries.

When sunlight is brighter, solar cells in panels produce more voltage, but charge controller regulates charge to batteries. This prevents damage and increases battery life and performance. Run wiring from charge controller to power inverter.

This inverter converts low voltage direct current DC to 120 volts alternating current AC that runs most modern appliances. For best productivity and reliability install pure sine wave inverter. This type of inverter functions as synthesized alternator, like pendulum gently swinging.

This ensures smooth output. Lay cables from inverter to sealed lead acid deep-cycle battery bank. These batteries are capable of being discharged hundred or even thousands of times, are spill proof and require little or no maintenance.

Install monitoring meter system that check voltage and current readings in your solar energy system. This informs you how full your batteries are and how fast they are discharging.

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How to Hook Up Solar Panels to Power System

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