Hook Up Camp With Solar Power

Solar energy is practical and environmentally sound option for remote power. some panels on the roof of the warehouse can eliminate noise, cost and pollution of the generator, and need for the line of electricity pylons eliminate. It is not cost effective to try large devices to run with domestic solar system, but provide for comfort such as lights, radio and small power tools is not difficult.

For items such as refrigerator, propane is a practical option for remote locations. Write down all electrical applications that you will use in your warehouse, and how often you will be with them. This will determine how many solar cells need and how big your battery bank will need.

Hook Up Camp With Solar Power

Decide whether you will be using AC or DC power. DC, or direct current, is power that comes from battery. AC is alternating current, and is used on power grid.

DC is more efficient but won’t travel as far, and conventional home-use items won’t run on DC. In order to use AC you will need inverter that converts AC to DC. Keep record of where sun moves over your property, and determine best location for your panels.

This may be on your roof or somewhere in yard. If you have large expanse of sky low horizons , it may be cost effective to have fewer panels mounted on tracking device that follows sun as it moves across sky. Install solar panels in location that you have determined.

For small camp system you can probably get away with two. Run wires from this location into camp. Install battery bank in out-of-the-way location.

Ideally batteries should be in separate room, and vented to outdoors. power goes directly from panels to batteries. Solar power systems use deep-cycle batteries, which resemble car batteries but are not same.

They are designed for much larger and longer term draws on power than car batteries. Car batteries cannot be used effectively in domestic solar power system.

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How to Hook Up Camp With Solar Power

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