Hook My House Up to Solar

Solar energy can save money in the long term, but to install the solar system can be expensive. You can reduce your initial costs by working to do it yourself. Except for the final connection to the service panel, which is an electrician most installation procedures are best uncomplicated.

Just make sure that you have all the right equipment even with solar panels. Set up solar panels on the roof or ground so that they are aligned to the south. If you are not limited by slope of the roof or ground, place it at an angle maximum sunlight receive.

Hook My House Up to Solar

optimum angle depends on where you live, so you may want to consult local solar expert on how best to position panels. Mount panels on mounting assemblies manufactured specifically for brand of panels you are using. Be sure they are secure, because solar panels, especially large ones, can be moved by wind.

Connect panels together to common output by following instructions provided with panels. Some are designed so that you can simply plug them together. Connect 12-volt electrical cable to common output, and run it along ground or down side of your house to charge controller, which should be near batteries, inverter and service panel.

Connect output cable from panels to charge controller, and connect charge controller to battery bank with battery cables. charge controller will regulate panel output, which varies with changing sun conditions, and will prevent batteries from overcharging. Size your battery bank to maximize its storage capacity, and construct it so that its voltage matches output voltage of panels.

If you are using 12-volt batteries, which are most common, connect two in series to make 24-volt system, and four in series to make 48-volt system. Connect 12-, 24- or 48-volt units together in parallel to increase capacity of bank. Connect battery bank to inverter with battery cables.

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How to Hook My House Up to Solar

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