Homemade Solar Panels Using Painted Foil

Solar panels are simple devices used to generate heat and electricity by sunlight engage with many small solar cells. If you do not have expertise to work with them access to solar cells or do not have, you can easily make your own solar panels with painted film for imitating real thing. They are metal pipe coils and heat absorbing power of the black coated film to draw in sunlight and heat any water source that you use to connect to your panel.

plate can be used to heat your pool, home water supply or other water application. Spray paint radiator coils black and let it dry thoroughly. Make sure you completely cover both sides of the coils with color for proper performance.

Homemade Solar Panels Using Painted Foil

Lay painted coils on top of plywood and trace length and width with pencil. Cut out rectangle with saw to make base of panel. Cover mats in tin foil then arrange mats on wooden base.

Once you have enough foiled mats to cover base spread mats out on ground. It is OK if mats overlap on base. Paint mats with black paint in same way you painted coils.

You only need to cover upper side of foil but make sure exposed sides are completely covered in paint. Put dry painted mats back on top of base with painted foil sides facing up away from wood. Drive screws through each corner of mats with power drill to secure mats to wooden base.

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How to Homemade Solar Panels Using Painted Foil