Hide Air Conditioning and Heating System

An air conditioning and heating system, often referred to as HVAC equipment, is largest metal system which lies outside of building is heated and cooled. If unit is in your home or workplace, their presence can provide unsightly defect in your garden. Take steps to minimize appearance of this necessary piece of equipment hiding in best possible way. heating and air conditioning

surround row of tall bushes or shrubs. Be sure area receives adequate sunlight for this type of plants you choose. Select evergreen shrubs to cover all year around unit sheet.

Hide Air Conditioning and Heating System

Butterfly bushes, lilacs, juniper, holly, boxwood and privet all provide potential options. Create garden of tall potted plants around your HVAC unit. Change plants from season to season and add flowers of different colors for visual variety.

pots are movable if someone needs to access unit. Sunflowers, zinnia, roses, snapdragons and cosmos all work well in pots. Build enclosed space around your heating and air conditioning unit made from walls that extends from side of building.

Use same materials from which building was constructed for continuity. Include gate for easy access. Install privacy fence around unit that contains no large gaps.

Wood picket fences or prefabricated panel fences make budget-friendly options. Leave fence panels plain or paint them to blend in with building. Use creeping vines to hide air conditioning and heating unit.

Install wooden trellis around all sides of unit and plant vines. It may take several years for vines to completely cover trellis. Trumpet vines, nasturtiums, sweet peas and honeysuckle all provide vine coverage.

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How to Hide Air Conditioning and Heating System

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