Help Friend Cope with Cancer Treatments

Coping with cancer treatments can be both physically and emotionally draining, but with support of friends can help. Sometimes friends seem to disappear when things get tough, they do not know what to do, but just being there and pitch can mean world to friend who deals with effects of cancer treatment. Whether accompany his friend appointments or surprise her with precooked or movies, their presence can help relieve stress and fear.

Read about it. Learn everything you can about type of cancer your friend has, its symptoms and effects of cancer treatments. Knowing what to expect and exchange of information can help alleviate fear and provide your friend with information she may have lost during your doctor or treatment appointments.

Help Friend Cope with Cancer Treatments

Go to appointments with your friend whenever possible. Having friend to chat with while receiving treatments can help keep spirits up and show your unconditional support and love. Even if your friend doesn’t feel up to talking, holding his hand will be appreciated.

Help out with meals on chemotherapy or radiation treatment days. Make casserole, soup, or other food, or pick up some pizzas for your friend and their family on treatment days so chore is taken care of and your friend can rest instead of worrying about meal preparation. Have hat and wig party.

Cheer your friend by having party with close friends to celebrate new look in positive manner. Ask guests to bring fun hats or wigs to share with your friend that she can wear if her hair falls out. Toast to your friend’s bravery and healthy new start.

Create funny movie gift basket and share in entertainment. Laughter is truly best medicine, and few comedy DVDs can help cheer your friend when he is feeling low. Pick up favorite titles or classic comedies and pop up corn to enjoy them together.

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How to Help Friend Cope with Cancer Treatments

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