Heat Buildings With Solar Energy

Energy from the sun – known as solar energy – is plentiful and free. Solar energy, which in just 20 days on the earth’s surface falls equal to all oil, coal and natural gas reserves left on Earth. With rising energy prices energy consumption home, solar energy can supplement way.

rays of sun can be used to house heating when right conditions are present and if a homeowner is willing to adjust home. Determine if your house gets enough sunlight. Some sites offer powerful sunlight and more hours of sunshine, receives more sunlight than North with the southern United States and in Western Desert.

Heat Buildings With Solar Energy

position of home and presence of trees or other natural features can affect how much solar energy can be harnessed. Sun charts and sun gauges can be found online or at your local university. Decide which type of solar energy system you want — either active or passive.

Passive solar energy systems simply collect sun’s energy, while active systems move that energy with fans or other automated parts. example of passive system would be installation of floor-to-ceiling windows on south side of house, with windows acting like giant magnifying glass that draws heat into house. active system would be installation of greenhouse-like room that collects heat from sun, along with fan system with pipes that bring that heat to different areas of home. Evaluate what changes will be needed in your home and whether construction is cost-effective.

Harnessing sun’s energy and bringing it into your home could require extensive remodeling or could be simple weekend project. How much time and money you want to put into project should be partly determined by amount of money you would save on energy bills. Use online solar calculator or consult solar expert to determine your savings.

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How to Heat Buildings With Solar Energy

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