Heat Baby Milk in Microwave

Baby formula or breast milk that has been refrigerated often heated before feeding baby. baby milk can be heated in pan of water on stove top part or heated in bowl of warm water. For faster and more convenient baby milk heating using microwave it is efficient and, through trial and error, exact amount of time required to heat milk your baby learns to perfection.

baby milk are placed in glass or plastic bottle thick. Leave nipple and bottle Cap for heating. Place bottle in microwave and heat on high for 20 seconds.

Heat Baby Milk in Microwave

Stir or shake bottle to distribute microwave heat throughout milk. Sprinkle two or three drops of baby milk on skin inside your wrist to test temperature. Heat baby milk in microwave again, in 10-second increments, until it reaches right temperature.

milk should feel slightly warm on inside of wrist. We hope the information on How to Heat Baby Milk in Microwave is helpful to you.

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How to Heat Baby Milk in Microwave

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