Heal Acne at Corners of Your Mouth

Many people have acne at corners of mouth, which can be difficult to treat because of its proximity to mucous membranes of mouth. Although benzoyl peroxide creams are commonly used to treat acne, natural treatment method should be used in treating acne outbreaks around mucous membranes near mouth. Many natural products can eliminate acne outbreaks as effective as chemicals can.

skin around mouth is washed with mild soap formulated for sensitive skin. Acne soaps and cleansers can be too strong and irritating to skin around mouth area. Instead of using strong chemical soap, gently clean skin with soap sensitive skin, which is free of chemical additives and artificial fragrances that can irritate skin.

Heal Acne at Corners of Your Mouth

Wet and lather area around mouth thoroughly, then rinse area off completely with water. This simple cleansing method is sufficient enough to clean skin around mouth without irritating it. Wash in morning and again in evening.

Exfoliate skin well using baking soda, which consists of soft, yet mildly abrasive particulates that will effectively remove dead skin cells around mouth. Removing these skin cells will prevent pores around mouth from becoming clogged. Mix 1 tbsp. baking soda with 1 tsp.

water, and massage paste that is formed onto skin around mouth. Use gentle circular motions with fingertips to scrub skin for one to two minutes, then rinse off skin with warm water. Apply baking soda exfoliating scrub one to two times per week to remove dead skin cells and to keep pores clear.

Medicate skin around mouth with tea tree oil, which is just as effective as benzoyl peroxide cream but doesn’t have irritating side effects, such as peeling or burning. It is important to dilute tea tree oil before using it around mouth so that it will not be too strong. Dilution can be accomplished by dipping cotton swab in pure tea tree oil, then dipping it again in water.

Spread diluted tea tree oil onto acne around mouth area. Do not get tea tree oil into your mouth. Repeat up to three times every day until acne is eliminated.

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How to Heal Acne at Corners of Your Mouth

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