Harness Solar Power Made at Home

The sun produces thousands of kilowatts of power each day. At a time involved, this power to use them for your home thousands of dollars in products and installation. Rooftop solar panels, crushers and large battery banks all contributed to the complexity of solar energy. Change

But things today are solar blinds available that simply plug into any existing outlet. These wooden plantation shutters have solar power modules on one side of the wooden slat. When sun shines, absorbing slats sunshine.

Harness Solar Power Made at Home

power flows through inverter that feeds current into home’s power supply. Measure window’s height and width using tape measure. Choose south-facing windows that receive sun most of day.

Purchase solar shutters that fit your window. Install shutters on window. Secure included wood screws into window frame using drill.

Close slats so that solar power modules face sunshine. Plug solar inverter into closest wall socket.

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How to Harness Solar Power Made at Home

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