Hang Solar Heat Panels

Solar panel technology converts solar radiation of sunlight into electrical energy. It is becoming increasingly popular way to not only reduce your carbon footprint with this clean and renewable energy source, but also to reduce your home energy costs. It is proposed that solar panels should be installed with new roof, because solar cells are mounted directly on the roof by screws in the rafters and rafters are easier to locate when the roof is removed.

If you want to install without re-roofing your home solar panels, you can done it with stud finder. Installation of solar panels requires some experience. If you are not familiar with solar panel technology or uncomfortable working with electricity or on the roof, hire professionals to install solar panels for you.

Hang Solar Heat Panels

Examine exterior of your house to determine best location to install solar panels. Ideally, solar panels should be positioned in such way that they will receive maximum daily sun exposure possible. You may have to prune back tree branches and or or cut away other vegetation that cast shadows on your roof.

Locate studs in your roof with stud finder, which can be purchased at your local hardware store. Skip this step if your home is being re-roofed. Mark straight line with chalk line across top of rafters.

solar panels will be attached to bolts in rafters and hung along top of rafters. Drill holes along chalk line, and with screwdriver attach stainless steel lags on which solar panels will be mounted. Repeat Step 3 if you are installing multiple solar panels.

Line up each solar panel with mounts on your roof and secure them as directed with hardware that came specifically with solar panels you purchased. Ensure that you allow space for sufficient air flow between back of each of solar panels and roof, minimum of 3 to 6 inches is recommended.

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How to Hang Solar Heat Panels

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