Hang Bathroom Mirror

Installing mirror is important work. Everyone needs to see how they look before heading out into the world. Women have to do well to put their makeup on, and the boys need to see to shave.

hanging from the mirror is not difficult, unless you have very large mirror. Then you may need a little help to lift or hold it in place while dialing hanger. There are basically two types of mirrors, framed and unframed.

Hang Bathroom Mirror

They require different methods to hang, so first you must know what kind of mirror you are going to hang. Measure your bathroom vanity and find center. Mark center on wall over vanity with pencil.

Measure mirror and find center. Mark center of mirror on front with dry erase marker. Hold mirror up on wall and position it by matching up centers.

Mark edges of mirror on wall with pencil just under edge so you won’t see it when you’re done. Using stud finder, locate two studs behind drywall where mirror is going. Mark them with pencil, and using level, draw line between them so they will hold mirror level.

Attach bottom two J clips to wall at your marks with flathead wood screws 1 or 1 or 2 to 2 inches long. Attach two top anchor pieces to wall just below line you marked for top of mirror. Slip top two J clips loosely into anchors.

Place mirror on J clips at bottom and hold against wall. Push top two clips down so lip goes over edge of mirror. They will lock into place as you push them down.

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How to Hang Bathroom Mirror

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