Hang Bathroom Curtains

The curtains are a common element of home decor, which serve many purposes. Not only curtains make room look more attractive and put together, but also provide privacy, light control and temperature regulation. Although commonly curtains decorating bedrooms and living rooms, which also act well as visually pleasing and practical bathroom.

It’s easy to add shower curtains to brighten up space and ensure total privacy while you are there. The installation of curtains in the bathroom same process involves placement of curtains in any room. Measure the horizontal distance through the window in the bathroom and add two inches to this number.

Hang Bathroom Curtains

This measurement is how long curtain rod must be to fully cover window from side to side. extra two inches allow clearance of inch on each side of window, as posts often exist inside wall that might block screws. Search for studs in wall surrounding window by tapping on wall and listening for solid sound indicating wood behind drywal or use electronic stud finder.

Avoid installing curtain rods in stud if they are lightweight. Ensure you insltall rods directly into studs to provide most support if you are hanging heavy curtains. Mark space on wall where screws will be installed to support rod.

Firmly press screw into wall to create dent where screw will be placed. Do this on both sides of window and measure to make sure marks are spaced same distance from window. Put curtains onto rod.

Push rod through opening and slide curtains on if they have simple folded seam along top. Thread rod through each of folded tabs if that’s style of curtain. Install hardware for curtain rod onto wall.For cafe rod, place flat part of each end of hardware flush against wall, ensuring holes are lined up with marks.

Screw hardware into place by twisting screwdriver clockwise to tighten screws.

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How to Hang Bathroom Curtains

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