Gut Bathroom

If you want to remodel the bathroom in full, replacing the shower or tub, toilet, cupboards and toilet, you have to do the interior demolition, or what is commonly called evisceration bathroom. This is not difficult project, unlike the most complex and delicate tasks such as installing new fixtures. New wiring and plumbing accessories include large remodeling.

However, the bathroom ready, you’ll have to disembowel, using various tools. Rent dumpster. You will need large container to dispose of all materials taken from bathroom as they Gut.

Gut Bathroom

Empty vanity and all cabinets. Clear out all toiletries and personal belongings, and put them in another room. Turn off electricity and water going to bathroom by switching off breakers at main electrical panel and using plumbing shut-off valve. If your bathroom is not equipped with dedicated valve, shut off main water supply to house.

Open windows to improve ventilation. Take down mirrors, using screw gun, and any hanging cabinets as well. Remove mirrors and cabinets from space to have ample room to work.

Unhook sink water and drain lines, using plumber’s wrench. Roll wheelbarrow next to bathroom’s entryway.

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How to Gut Bathroom

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