Guide for Troubleshoot Home Air Conditioning

air conditioning problems can be very expensive mainly due to hourly rate charged repairers. If you know few basic steps, you can locate some of problems before calling for help. This will save valuable to service provider in determining what is wrong time, resulting in lower bills for you.

Check if circuit breaker air conditioning does not turn at all. If switch has been flipped, turn it on again. If switch is right, look for wiring issues around unit.

Guide for Troubleshoot Home Air Conditioning

Call electrician to service issue. Turn air conditioning off at thermostat and turn fan to on position. Listen to see if it is running, and feel vents to see if air is coming out.

If there is air, then blower motor and fan are fine. If you do not feel any air, call repairman to replace blower. Make sure all vents are open.

Check air return filters to see if they need replacing. Blocked vents and returns can cause system to freeze up because there isn’t sufficient air flow. After fixing them, allow blower to run in on position without air.

This will thaw out system. After about half hour, switch blower back to auto and turn system back on. Go into attic or wherever your duct work is to check for leaks.

Look for tears, holes or loose seams in duct. Use metal duct work tape to seal up any leaks that you find. Apply tape in overlapping strips.

Start several inches to left or right of break, and work your way across to other side. Call repairman to check freon level in unit if you have adjusted vents and there is still no cold air. Low freon levels will also cause system to freeze up.

This is usually caused by leak, and repair can be costly.

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